In 1970, between full-time jobs, Norman Davis worked weekends for KSFO, San Francisco's 'red carpet' station, located in the prestigious Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill. KSFO was every DJ's dream station with real red carpet on the floor, and high-profile, high-salaried DJs like Don Sherwood, Jack Carney and Al "Jazzbeau" Collins. Norman produced a Saturday night series titled "Norman's Organic Mind Garden". The show used comedy, music, sound effects and drop-ins to create an unusual four hours. It was the first time Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin were played on KSFO. Norman also produced a Sunday night show called "Those Unforgettable Years."  Each show was four hours in length and focused on the popular music, news, and trivia of one year between 1929 and 1969. Some years later, this series was condensed and re-produced as a series of short features for KSRN, Reno, Nevada.


Norman's Organic Mind Garden: 

    Aircheck demo

Those Unforgettable Years:

    KSFO 1969   excerpt
    KSFO 1974   excerpt

    KSRN 1928
    KSRN 1929
    KSRN 1962