KKCY "The City" 

"The City" was an ambitious effort to recreate the sound and the magic of KSAN. Former KSAN program directors Tom Yates and Kate Hayes were in charge of programming. They put together a great crew which included; Norman Davis, Dave McQueen, Rosemary Greyshock, Dick Conte, Michael Knight, Dan Carlisle, Lorraine Meyer, Alan Burton, Brook Jones, Marshall Phillips, Andy Lee, Susie Davis, "Al Dente", Mimi Chen and New York Vinnie. Although highly rated in San Francisco, out of town ratings were poor because of the station's weak signal. Financial problems forced the owners to sell the station in 1989 to James Gabbert, who changed the call letters to KOFY and set about destroying the station's eclectic format post haste. The article below was written during Norman's time at "The City".





Aircheck: Norman Davis - short collage
KKCY ID - The Nylons
KKCY ID - Norman

Dan Carlisle interviews The Nylons 4/25/86
Michael Knight talks to Richard Hoagland about the face on Mars
Sal Valentino sings on the Michael Knight show
Terry McGovern guest hosts 1986