In 1981, KTIM management decided to split their AM-FM signals and Norman was hired to convert the AM to a big band-swing format. "1510 - The Big Band Blend" was the slogan. With DJ's Jim Watt, Bobby Dale, Norman, Bob McClay, Barbara Blake, Michael Moore and others, KTIM-AM was a sweet spot on the dial for those who enjoyed a wide variety of swing, jazz and pop recordings, special features, live remotes, visiting celebrities like Woody Herman, Lionel Hampton and Cab Calloway, and old radio shows. 

The station was adored by those who could get it, but unfortunately, it was hampered by a weak, daytime-only signal. The staff tried repeatedly to get Herb Caen, the famous S.F. columnist, who loved swing music, to listen. They produced an all day Herb Caen Special on what they thought was his birthday, only to get a call from his office informing them that they had the wrong date. The BBB even bought an expensive radio with a big antenna and delivered it personally to Caen's office in San Francisco, but he was still unable to pick up a decent signal except in the north part of The City.. 

The Big Band Blend format lasted for almost three years until new owner Art Astor gutted it of all the spice and extras and turned KTIM-AM into another boring format station.



KTIM IDS - Lionel Hampton
KTIM IDS - Swing Fever
KTIM ID - Ronald Reagan
KTIM promo Sounds of the Past 1
KTIM promo Sounds of the Past 2


Norman Davis collage    scoped
Bobby Dale collage    scoped
Norman Davis  10-24-83

Norman Davis  10-27-83
Norman Davis  with Kent Skov  12-27-83
Norman Davis  1-12-84


Nellie Lutcher
Wiley Brooks, the man who "lives on air"

the Morgans from Mill Valley about their UFO experiences

author Frank Don about coming earth changes

feature on the Renaissance Fair

feature on Spirulina

KTIM news #4

KTIM news #5