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 KSAN was, without a doubt, the best radio station a DJ could ever work for. Norman spent almost six years there and left only when management demanded compliance with a pre-selected music format---unthinkable under Tom Donahue. Norman refused vociferously and was fired. For the complete KSAN story, go to jive95.com


NORMAN'S KSAN DJ SHOWS -- a random selection

May 29, 1974
August 3, 1974
April 16, 1975
1975   show opening collage

1975-6  with the Bizarro Sisters

July 2, 1976  with Kent Skov 
  (creator & founder of the L.A. Connection improv comedy group)
July 7, 1977 
December 31, 1977  New Year's Eve bits with Kent

1978   Norman's master KSAN demo tape

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